Rules, Requirements, & Ranks

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Rules, Requirements, & Ranks

Post  Lyric on Fri Oct 23, 2009 8:00 pm

Requirements of DARK

* Top 400 Overall Score
* Top 600 Military
* Must be active
* Must be a team player and participate
* Must be willing to aid an alliance mate in need.

Exceptions can be made.

in your application to the alliance please include the following with why you deserve to be a part of the Dark Alliance

Total Score:
Military Score:
Town Coordinates:

1. If someone needs protection, send troops.
2. If someone needs resources, send resources.
3. Donate a feasible amount on your islands.
4. Must log in every day. Inactives will be kicked out.
5. If you do not have a military, don't expect us to help you out since you wont help yourself. Its pretty simple.
6. Don't pick a fight you can't handle yourself
7. Don't whine if someone retaliates after you pillaged them.
8. Keep all pillages 1 vs. 1
9. Try not to abuse the circulars
10. Have a sense of humor, it is, after all, a game.

1vs1 means do not have more than one attacker. But there can be more than one defender, On our side or theirs.

Ranking System
SAINT = The highest honor a DARK member can hold, this can come from any kind and amount of selfless acts in which a player has aided the alliance and its members. This ranked member is allowed to promote and demote members, have more say in alliance decisions, and are allowed to let friends that may not reach our total score requirements yet in.

KNIGHT COMMANDER = Someone who is obviously military-minded and has the army to protect himself and the rest of the alliance, while also kicking some ass around the world. Reserved for members who are in the top 25 in military score.

SHADOW = Players who volunteer to be spies for the rest of the alliance, these players have large hideouts, capable of getting any info we made need.

INFANTRY = This is our lowest rank, and is for players that actually dont meet our current requirements. This could be for a few reasons, but is usually because these players do not grow as fast, and arent as active as our other members. Very small Infantry members are banned ex-members that chose to start over.

Infantry = 501 -> 800
Knight = 401 -> 500
Lord = 301 -> 400
Baron = 201 -> 300
Bishop = 101 -> 200
Archbishop = ME -> 100
Knight Commander = Top 25 Military Score
Saint = Special Honor


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